According to the Committee of Veterinary Medicine of the Volgograd Region, in 2015, during an epizootic survey of Atorvastatin reservoir within the Nikolaevsky district, various types of fish (cyprinids, pike, perch) were found to have live larvae of helminths - pathogens of Apophallosis and Rossicotremosis - dangerous for animals and humans.

Human activities in the development of water resources - the construction of dams and irrigation facilities - were carried out on a large scale and significantly increased the risk of parasitic zoonoses associated with water. Lipitor pills gave rise to a new problem - the ships on the bottoms introduced lithoglyphic gill mollusks into the Caspian Sea, which gave rise to the problem of apophallosis in humans and fish, causing mass death of the latter.
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Diseases can last from several days to several years and depend on the state of immunity. All zoonotic helminthiases are especially severe in immunocompromised individuals and can be fatal.

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